Anonymous asked: do you still watch glee? or did you watch episode 100 & 101?

I don’t watch glee regularly, but I did watch 100 and most of 101. It was shocking in the best way.

2 weeks ago, Apr 2

Anonymous asked: in each new chapter, or at least the chapters that have them skating in it, will you be drawing a new costume design to go along with your story?

Every time a significant skater has a new costume, I’ll provide a costume design to go with it. It’ll be a few chapters before Brittany, Mike, or Santana have new costumes, though, now that both their short program and free skate costumes are published.

2 weeks ago, Apr 1

Anonymous asked: Are we going to know how their first kiss was??

As of this moment, it’s not planned in anywhere. However, things work their way in all the time. And if I never make it there in the story, I promise I’ll describe it to you guys!

2 weeks ago, Mar 31

Anonymous asked: how's the story coming along? :) i'm super excited for the next chapter (no rush though!)

I am happy to report that I am further with chapter three than I was with chapter two at this point. I am sad to report that I am not close to finishing yet.

2 weeks ago, Mar 27

Anonymous asked: I think you do enough with giving us drawings and the music for the program. It's pretty cool that you do that and I appreciate it a lot. Much thanks!!!

Thank YOU! I honestly never expected the kind of response that I’ve gotten. It’s very heartening for me, to say the least.

1 month ago, Mar 17

Anonymous asked: just wanted to say i absolutely freaking loved the new update. xoxoxo

Thank you!

1 month ago, Mar 14

Anonymous asked: I just heard the Andre rieu music you posted. It made 10000x more emotional that I was before. Also Brittany/Mike music was very nice!!


One of my favorite things so far about this story is the “extras” that I get to do for you guys!

A general question for anyone reading this: is there anything else that you want to know?

1 month ago, Mar 12

Anonymous asked: Is it bad that Santana reminded me of Mao asada during Sochi?! Poor baby. Btw, that update was pretty great tho I got teary eyed at the end :'(

It was a bit like that; sometimes when you start to get one thing wrong, it just dominoes. 

Sorry about the feels!

1 month ago, Mar 12

Anonymous asked: Ailfharifhairfjaojfoa DAT UPDATE. I was not prepared.

Many apologies, Anon!

1 month ago, Mar 12

Anonymous asked: I was never really into RPF either but then they came along and then "the" definitive fic I mentioned came and I was a goner. Haha. Sorry for being random. Loved the latest chapter, by the way! Can't wait for more. Do you plan on the story going beyond Sochi?

No worries, I love hearing from people!

Let me put it this way. For this story, I started out with an outline, which is 15 pages. Chapter two, in this outline, concludes somewhere about halfway down the second page. (It will go beyond Sochi.)

1 month ago, Mar 12